Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make Cheapest Data Card in India 2.5GB @ IRS 65 with Speed for Voice Chat.

We know we all are behind finding different ways of getting online always, or keep tweeting through mobiles, or you can simply say youth are Psycho/mad with simply checking the mails/Facebook updates, even they are aware that nothing important going to happen on facebook/GMails :).
Lets Discuss different ways of getting online in the Mobile word, Being the Android No.1 in Market, Now every one have a smart phone, I should say every student have it :), [They are the most, guys behind the Gadgets :) ]  . But here I am focussing on some kind of Programmers/Software Engineers they need Internet always, as earlier said to check mails and checking for Technology updates. Here the Mobile-Internet will not be a right option, I can make use of it, but the GPRS will be very slow and pathetic. Options are there with 3G and EDGE, But if i dont want to spent hundreds on Portable device with Internet connection, and I need pretty good speed for voice chat and Internet browsing, (I think we should not expect Video conference on these, Am I Right :)).Here we have different Data Cards Available in Indian Market. Now almost every telephone Companies provides the Data cards. Such as BSNL, Reliance, MTS , TATA Photon. Every one provides 3G Service too.   But the cost of very less speed internet data card cost 1500-1700 initial cost and 40-500 per month for 500MB to 2 GB Data, isnt costing very high on this Internet world.On discussion with other friends abroad, i came to know the 3G Modem, which is available in Indian Market too, But India have it , but integrated with any mobile operators SIM Card/ Data Card.Now lets come to the point, I did some adjustment with one Internet 3G Modem, I am able to browse on a wonderful speed provides better clarity on Voice chatting.How to make a Data Card costing IRS 50-60 and having Browsing limit to 2-3GB per month [Monthly Expense for Portable Device is IRS:50-65], is it Interesting to you.How I achieved it is I got a 3G Modem from one of My friend, I bought one TATA DOCOMO SIM Card for RS 70 (A good talk time with it.), Re Charged with IRS:65 for 2.5 GB GPRS.If you want to buy 3G Modem, it cost 900-1200 in Indian Market, you can get it in 
  1. Bangalore - SP Road, the best place to get electronic items very cheap.
  2. New Delhi - Nehru Place, The biggest Computer Market in India.
This device will have the default application inside to support Windows Operating System. Just you plug and start browsing by putting the SIM Card inside.

The settings can be done as follows.
Step 1The application GUI will looks same as this, may be different in colours, Because i saw in Idea Data Card, which have the same GUI with IDEA Yellow colour instead of this light blue screen :) :Step 2: Open the Tools--> Options, here you will get the following screen. Do the settings as given in image.Step 3:In the Text Message Screen you dont need to do any Changes, let it got with default settings.Step 4:In the Screen of Profile Management we have the settings for the GPRS/Internet. You can get these settings from customer cares as well.Step 5: The Network settings to be done as given in Image "Screen Networ 1" and "Screen Networ 2"

Screen Netwrok 1

Screen Network 2.

By Clicking New you can create a new Profile i created with Name "Docomo".Set the APN as static. and the APN for DOCOMO is "TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET".Keep the username and password Blank. But the Access Number is *99# I think this is the number for all the providers.Once you are done with this click ok,Now you can see the profile in the Main Screen (As in Step 1.). Click on Connect. Now your system is in Internet, If you are facing any issues on connecting. Talk to customer Care and get the APN i mentioned and the Access Point Number (*99#) .Thank you Guys, Enjoy the Cheapest Data Card.Forgot to upload the Internet speed Graph I was getting.


safiuz khan said...

thanks for sharing this bhai...
good job !! keep it up

Anonymous said...

Bhai, could u pls indicate where we can buy these 3g data cards in kerala??? whats the approx price??

jacob jones said...

Thanks for sharing price list of new data cards here.Almost all vendor's data card is of same price and there is a huge decline in the prices of Datacards.