Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunfeast MAJJA Run Bangalore 2010 My Photography


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kodak Rechargeable Battery, How to use it.

         I just Bought a Kotak Ni-MH rechargeable Battery with AA/AAA Charger from Bangalore SP Road. I found that Bangalore SP Road is the best place for electronic Items deal, I got it for 425 [Charger
+ 4 Batteries ] while it was printed 840,
        But when i looked at the browser it was not mentioned how Long i need to charge initially, I have been charging for 7 Hours , Still It is showing Green Light. The browser tells that Once it is charged, either it will go

  • LED Indication ON steady — charging
  • OFF — stand-by or charging complete
But after the 7 hours it is in the same charging State, Hope it will complete charging soon,

For more details on Rechargeable battery and browser look in Kodak Browser.

You are welcome for all the comments on Kodak Rechargeable battery and chargers.
Still I am waiting on completion of the New Kodak Rechargeable Battery just to have a snap :).

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