Saturday, July 25, 2009

Country State Dropdown Data / Java Program to create Country State Database Table Data

I have been struggling long time to get the information for the country state Database Table Data and its implementation in My most of the application,
I have searched through net and now i got few data from the site and I have created Java file to generate the SQL Queries.

The Table Structure i have created as Follows.

COUNTY_ID [PK] Foreign key to Country Table

You can download the java Class file to generate the SQL Queries directly from My Google Docs

If you require the SQL File Directly you can download from My Docs as .

I am Thankful to the website for the datas of countries and States in their site javascipt file.

[I converted Java and sql file to txt format just to upload in Google Docs. :) ]
Hope it will help you out.

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